Documenting early Melbourne: photographic panoramas from 1855 to 1932

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Barney Meyer, photographer and "Hidden Melbourne" website author, presents an illustrated talk about Melbourne’s early photographers including Walter Woodbury, the Paterson Brothers and Charles Nettleton.

Image: Sugar works at Sandridge, Charles Nettleton, 1870, SLV H96.160/1459

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Barney Meyer brief biography

Barney has been capturing high resolution 360° panoramas since he bought his first digital camera, a Canon 10D with 6Mpx sensor. Of all the scenes that he recorded during his travels, Christchurch NZ before it was destroyed by the great quake of Feb 2011 resonates the most and reminds him how quickly cities can change.

Since then he has actively been recording the fabric of our cities and has been cataloguing the fascinating urban decay and renewal of Melbourne since moving here in 2003.

But, he is not the first! Old image makers have recorded our city since the 1800’s.

Through this presentation we will travel through time and space, taking a tour of Melbourne and Photography, walking in the footsteps of the old image makers on a virtual tour of the city and the history of image making.


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