2019 Seniors Festival exhibition: Small, smaller, smallest

  • Heritage

Small, smaller, smallest presents us with a rich array of treasured knick knacks, miniatures and ornaments that have been gifted, collected, purchased and bequeathed and are personally meaningful to their owners for a myriad of reasons. 

Miniature items are fascinating and engage us with the dexterity and skill involved in making large things so small in perfect detail, provoking our imaginations as we peer at a familiar world made tiny.

Objects brought from home often when there was little room in the suitcase are poignant reminders of the country, cultural traditions and family left behind and here are matched with souvenirs more recently collected that connect their owners to the here and now, as a happy acknowledgement of home.

Objects collected as mementos of travel and significant experiences catapult us back in time and space to great memories. Precious childhood toys that have miraculously survived into adulthood form a continuum from our past to our present.

Art work from seven artists represented in the Port Phillip City Collection compliment the display, exploring traditional themes of the still life genre through the arrangement of objects, flowers and drapery.

A grateful thanks to our contributors:

Alison Bain

Caroline Bencze

Janet Bolitho

Jessie Boyd

Antonia Brodska

Khacia Etlin

Lesley Greagg

Sherridan Green

Galina Gogoladze

Efim Gorevoi

Maia Gourevitch

Roslyn Jones

Sandra Khazam

Yvonne Lynch

Sieneka Martin

Tobias Nash

Arnold Paikin

Svetlanan Pikovska

Svetlana Prais

Jill Powell

Liz Robson

Brenda Richards



Anna Rogalina

Kay Rowan

Maria Telemzek

Ella & Semen Treybach

Xiu Y Zhang

 Exhibition hours:

Monday and Friday 10am to 6pm

Tuesday 12pm to 8pm

Wednesday and Thursday 12pm to 6pm

Image: "Huggy brooch", 19450s, Jill Powell


Emerald Hill Library & Heritage Centre
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South Melbourne
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