Online research resources

The research resources listed below have been digitised for online access. This is an ongoing process and we hope to make more information available in future.   

Port Phillip City Collection Art and Heritage online databases

The Port Phillip City Collection Heritage Collection comprises; photographs, engravings, postcards, posters, civic and ceremonial items, historic art works, objects, ephemera and correspondence files. To view these items search the Heritage Collection database.

The Port Phillip City Collection Art Collection comprises; contemporaty, historic and public art works. Works take the form of prints, drawings, paintings, sculpture, installation and multimedia. To view these artworks search the Art Collection database.

Local electoral rolls

Emerald Hill Burgess Rolls, 1855 - 1873

District of Sandridge Municipal Electoral Roll 1861

Borough of St Kilda Voters Rolls, 1864 - 1900

Building Registers 

Port Melbourne Register of Buildings Erected and Altered, October 1931-1943

St Kilda Building Surveyors Register, 1898-1933


The following local newspapers have been digitised and  are available online at TROVE, National Library of Australia:

The Record ( Emerald Hill) 1881-1954

The Port Melbourne Standard 1884-1914

The Port Melbourne Standard, 1919-1920 is currently being digitised and  will be available on TROVE in 2015.

Heritage reports

For more information on Heritage and Planning in the City of Port Phillip.

Port Phillip Heritage Review

Garden City Guidelines

Fishermans Bend Guidelines

Dunstan Estate Guidelines

East St Kilda Heritage Study

Elwood Heritage Study

Heritage Kerbs Channels and Laneways 

Online publications

Dredging , Draining , Dipping & Shipping

St Kilda, A Century of Progress & Development

The Jubilee History of the City of South Melbourne

The Jubilee History of South Melbourne was published to celebrate 50 years as a municipality. The book documents the development and progress of retail and industrial businesses within the municipality and is a valuable record of  South Melbourne in the year 1905.

Online heritage exhibitions

The following is a selection of City of Port Phillip heritage exhibitions that have been presented for public viewing in recent years. Each exhibition has been curated using items from both the Port Phillip City Collection and the Local History Collection and ephemera files.

The Vardy Maps

The Vardy maps are the original plans of the Borough of St Kilda surveyed and compiled under the direction of the Borough Council by J.E.S. Vardy, surveyor in 1873. The 42 maps were lithographed and published by Hamel & Ferguson, Melbourne.

  • The Vardy maps are best viewed through the Chrome web browser.