Councillor Thomas George Allen, St Kilda Mayor

Thomas George Allen was elected to the St Kilda Council in 1894, representing the North Ward. He remained on the St Kilda Council until 1903 when he moved to Oakleigh, where he had a property. He sat on the Oakleigh Council for some years and was Mayor on two occasions 1902/03 and 1909/10. He returned to St Kilda where he was elected as Councillor to the new Central Ward in 1914. He sat as a councillor until 1929 including two periods as Mayor: 1919-1920 and 1923-1924.

Allen was an estate agent and auctioneer. His daughter, Muriel Allen, acted in the role of Lady Mayoress as his wife had died in May 1919. 

In 1919, he was a member of the newly formed Open Sea Bathing Special Committee, which was concerned with the beach and beach control. Allen was also involved in many events concerning World War I including Peace Day at Luna Park and the homecoming welcome for Lieut. General Sir John Monash, both in 1919.

On Armistice Day (11 November) 1923 his name, along with others, was inscribed on the foundation stone for the St Kilda Memorial Hall, which was opened the following year.

On May 26 1920 His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales arrived in Melbourne where Mayor Allen was presented to him by the Governor General. The first words the Prince used on Australian soil were: "I am sorry I am so late; but I could not help it." In welcoming the Prince, the Mayor remarked that on that spot, nineteen years before, he had taken part in the municipal welcome to the King (who at the time was Duke of Cornwall and York). "Our city," he said, "is deeply sensible of its proud privilege in welcoming you on the threshold of the Commonwealth.” This was, no doubt, one of the highlights of his Mayoral duties.

In 1924, he welcomed the Admirals of the British Cruising Fleets, addressing Vice-Admiral Sir Frederick Field on the foreshore in St Kilda.

He died whilst still in Council service, on 19 August 1929, at a smoke social held at the St Kilda Town Hall.

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