Councillor Samuel Aldous

City of St Kilda Councillor 1957-1973, Mayor 1963-4, 1966-7
Alice Mabel Aldous

Samuel Aldous arrived at Port Melbourne on the SS Marathon in 1923. After having served in World War I and suffering the effects of gas and injuries, he went to work first as a telephone linesman, and then as a horticulturalist in the civil service.

Alice Mabel Voice had been brought up by her grandmother in the UK after her parents left for Australia to establish themselves. Mabel, while working as a telephonist at the London Exchange, took the call from France in 1918 to inform the British Cabinet of the cease fire which ended World War I. She was the first person in the Empire to know of the armistice. She later joined her parents in Australia during the 1920s, arriving on the SS Corinthian when she was nineteen years old. She was a talented singer and took lessons from Dame Nellie Melba.

In 1925 Sam Aldous and Mabel Voice were married. During World War II their family home in St Kilda became a haven for servicemen who were looked after by the Aldous’ like their own sons.

Sam Aldous served as a City of St Kilda Councillor from 1957 to 1973, and as Mayor from 1963–4 and 1966–7.

At the 1966 Victorian Football League Grand Final reception, Sam Aldous famously draped the Mayoral robes and chains around the neck of Darrel Baldock, the St Kilda Football Club’s premiership captain. In 1971 Alice Aldous was awarded an MBE for services to the community, and a Civic Award from the City of St Kilda.

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