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Capital works and maintenance conservation program

The City of Port Phillip is home to more than sixty historic monuments and memorials which commemorate people, places and events. These monuments and memorials form part of the Port Phillip City Collection. In acknowledgement of the significance to the City of these monuments and memorials, Council is completing a staged major capital works conservation program and has committed to an ongoing maintenance program.

Conservation work to the City’s memorials and monuments aligns with the Council Plan. In August 2008, Council adopted the City of Port Phillip Memorials and Monuments Policy. Also in 2008, a conservation study was undertaken to identify the monuments and memorials that were in urgent need of conservation work. Twenty eight memorials were identified and the schedule commenced in 2009. Priorities were established in consultation with the heritage conservator who completed the study, local war veterans and RSL groups, the Urban History Consultative Committee and local historical society members. The Memorials and Monuments Guidelines (2017) is a revised and updated version of the Memorials and Monuments Policy.

Restoring Community War Memorials Grants Program

The City of Port Phillip received a grant in 2014 from the Veterans Fund – Anzac Centenary Community Grants Program for conservation treatment to the Women’s Welcome Home Rotunda, Port Melbourne. This memorial, erected by the Women's Welcome Home Committee in 1918, honours soldiers who fought in the Great War and was the first memorial erected in honour of World War I soldiers.

The Port Melbourne piers, adjacent to the Rotunda, were the last point of contact with home for soldiers departing for the war, and the first point of disembarkation for those who returned. This location is of great significance for commemorative events for the local and wider community. Every year an ANZAC Day service is held at the nearby Port Melbourne World War I memorial (also restored with funds from this program).

In the centenary year of the commencement of World War I, it was timely to restore the memorial’s plaque and undertake conservation work to the structure of the memorial as testament to the community who supported the soldiers, felt their absence, and mourned for those who didn't return, and sometimes for those who did.

The City of Port Phillip has also been awarded grants through the Restoring Community War Memorials Grants Program 2008-9 and 2009-10.

The grants were for conservation work on the World War I Memorial Drinking Fountain in Beach St, Port Melbourne, the South African Soldiers Memorial, St Kilda Rd, South Melbourne and the Cenotaph, Esplanade, St Kilda. The South African Soldiers Memorial and the Cenotaph have a historical significance at both local and state level and are registered on the Victorian Heritage Register.

In 2016 the City of Port Phillip undertook conservation treatment to the ornate and beautifully detailed South Melbourne Town Hall Honour Board, which recognised those who served from the South Melbourne area. This work was supported by the Victorian Government through the Restoring Community War Memorials and Avenues of Honour Grants, Victoria Remembers Grant Program. The timber frame was cleaned and polished, the brass frame was straightened and stabilised, and the glazing was replaced with safety glass.  This can be viewed at the Australian National Academy of Music entrance to the building

The City of Port Phillip is extremely grateful to the people and organisations that have so strongly supported the work being undertaken on the war memorials and provided letters of support for the grant applications.

The City of Port Phillip recognises the value of the grants in helping to ensure the longevity of the memorials for future generations, preventing further deterioration and reducing long-term maintenance costs, improving safety for visitors and enhancing the memorials’ appearance.

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