Speaking Stories 2: Digital histories 2016

Reginald Boyd

West St Kilda,1934

Read by Anne Boyd, (duration: 00.0752)

1934 turned out to be a significant and action packed year for young West St Kilda resident, Reginald Boyd.

Image: Courtesy of Joan Boyd, St Kilda Park Primary School Prep, 1934 


Brian Collingburn

The Hard Labour Wards, (duration: 0002:51)

Public maternity wards in 1950s Melbourne could be a daunting place for young expectant mothers from non English speaking backgrounds.

Image: Smiling Matron, Prince Henry's Hospital Annual General Reports,  Port Phillip library Service, Local History Collection.


Patricia Convery

Tilman Gloystein (1816-1894), (duration: 00.07:20)

Although largely unknown, it is thanks to Tilman Gloystein that residents and visitors alike enjoy the broad paths and beautiful central plantings of the St Kilda Botanical Gardens.

Image: Centre beds, Blessington Street Gardens, 1930s, sk0039, PPCC.


Marilynn Fahey

A few memories of W Class trams, (duration: 00. 07:24)

A tram trip down Chapel Street prompts a flow of memories recalling a life long association with W Class trams, the mainstay of Melbourne's public transport system for over 60 years.

Image: Conductress aligning the pole, 1942, H98.105/854, State Library of Victoria


Irene Ritchie

A Kooglhoupf Adventure in the Monarch cake shop, (duration:00.05:03)

Pearl Levine established the Monaco High Class Cake Shop in Carlton,1931. In 1934 she moved and re-established her business as the Monarch Cake Shop in its current location, Acland Street, St Kilda.

Image: Acland Street, c1920-1954, H32492/1952, State Library of Victoria, Digital Pool