Speaking Stories 1: Digital histories, 2015

Six local authors have contributed their stories to this digital story project. Each of the stories were originally published in the Senior's Festival, Port Phillip Writes publications.

These stories take the form of fascinating historic recounts and personal reminisences of events and lives lived within the City of Port Phillip. Rich in local colour, insight and humour the stories include; significant local events during WW1, living in St Kilda during the 1970s, the last days of the Hollywood Hotel, an idyllic childhood spent in Port Melbourne and living in a home once owned and occupied by one of Australia's well known early politicians.

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Alison Bain

King O’Malley’s House, 2011, 8mins

King O'Malley was a member of Australia's first Federal Parliament, he was involved in the founding of the Australian capital Canberra, and is also remembered as the founder of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. He made his home in a modest brick house in Albert Park.

King O'Malley plaque

Wendy Butler

Return to the Hollywood, 2010, 6 mins

The Hollywood Hotel had been Wendy's home for a long time, and it held some precious memories. The chance to return there in its last days before the developers moved in, gave her the opportunity to do something she had always wanted to do - to clean it up!

Hollywood Hotel

Lois Daley

Childhood: a life of adventure, 6 mins

A happy childhood spent in and around Garden City and Port Melbourne.

Garden City house

Colin Jones

Young Stan Veale, 2014, 6 mins

 "Young Stan Veale" is a the story of an enterprising junior member of the Royal Australian Navy and the first shot fired by Australian Military forces in WWI.


Royal Naval Cadets

Colin Jones

South Melbourne beach, 2009, 5 mins

South Melbourne, May 1920, Petty Officer, Dudley Ricketts was present at the momentous occasion of the review of the Royal  Australian Naval fleet, by the Prince of Wales.

Prince of Wales, South Melbourne, 1920

Brenda Richards

The inheritance, 2005, 9 mins

You can't always choose what you inherit, but you can make the most of it.

House in St Kilda

Rose Stone

My divorced friends from Dalgety Street,
2006, 10 mins

A story of supportive friendships and new perspectives that became available to women in the 1970s through Feminism.


Eden Mansions