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The Port Phillip City Collection (PPCC) reflects change and development in the City. It is founded on the former collections of three of Melbourne’s earliest urban municipalities: the Cities of Port Melbourne (est.1860), South Melbourne (est.1855) and St Kilda (est.1857), which were amalgamated in 1994 to become the City of Port Phillip.

As the custodian of a public collection, the City of Port Phillip manages the cultural heritage collection according to international museum standards and is guided by the Port Phillip City Collection Policy

Heritage Collection

The objects in the Heritage Collection were originally used and collected by various departments of the former Cities. The Heritage Collection consists of visual material, objects, research material and ‘ephemera’ (generally, documentary items of limited permanence) which date from 1860 onwards. Typically, the items are specific to the history of the City of Port Phillip, with many generated from Council activities. Potential acquisitions are assessed against established criteria by the Heritage Acquisitions Committee. Search the Port Phillip City Collection Heritage database.

The Art Collection

The Art Collection maintains the purpose or intent established for the St Kilda Collection which originated in 1980. Over the last 30 years it has been an indicator of the City’s diverse urban character and the significant creative output of the local community. 

The Art Collection comprises over 500 visual artworks in a range of media and encompasses historic art works by artists such as Thomas Clark, Rupert Bunny and Elizabeth Parsons; works by artists associated with the "Angry Penguins" group who lived and worked in St Kilda as young artists (Joy Hester, Sidney Nolan and Albert Tucker); early Australian Modernist works; the former St Kilda Collection 1980-1994; contemporary art acquired after 1994 and public art. Search the Port Phillip City Collection Art database

The Public Art Collection

The Public Art Collection contains large sculptures and permanent and temporary site specific artworks which have been fully or partially commissioned by the City of Port Phillip or one of the former cities. The Public Art Collection is managed as part of the Art Collection.

The City Corporate Collection

The City Corporate Collection was established in 1996 to facilitate the management of gifts, artworks and other items acquired by the Councillors or executive staff in the course of official Council business.

Monuments and Memorials

More than sixty historic monuments and memorials which commemorate people, place and events are part of the Port Phillip City Collection.

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