Monuments and memorials

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The City of Port Phillip Collection includes more than sixty historic monuments and memorials which commemorate people, place and events.

Monuments and memorials have a social, historical and aesthetic significance to the local and broader communities. They provide a focus for commemorating events and people associated with the City of Port Phillip and for keeping alive the memories and knowledge of the heritage associated with this region.

The degree of significance is recognised by the inclusion of seven items from the Collection listed on the Victorian Heritage Register and two on the Australian Heritage Database. Two of the war memorials, the World War I Drinking Fountain at Port Melbourne and the Cenotaph in St Kilda provide the locations for annual Anzac and Remembrance Day services attended by over 1500 people.


The Bank Street Jubilee memorial fountain has been conserved through the Restoring Community War Memorials grants from the Department of Premier and Cabinet.

The Women's Welcome Home Rotunda, Port Melbourne, has been conserved through the Veterans Fund – Anzac Centenary Community Grants Program.

The South Melbourne Town Hall Honour Board has been conserved with funds from the Victorian Government through the Restoring Community War Memorials and Avenues of Honour Grants, Victoria Remembers Grant Program.

New Memorials

The City of Port Phillip recognises that many residents have a deep connection to people, places and spaces within the City. Council receives many requests annually from residents wishing to establish a memorial to a loved one or alternatively to commemorate a civic event, person or place. While wanting to acknowledge the connections that residents have, Council must also balance the volume of requests, and adequately maintain public spaces for all to enjoy.

Individual residents may be memorialised by the planting of a tree in one of the City’s numerous parks and gardens. This is done in consultation with Parks and Open Space officers.

New memorials can be established to celebrate achievements and contributions important to the City.  Memorials may take the form of named buildings, rooms, streets, structures or public spaces or of specially created plaques, statues, monuments and artworks.

More information is available in the Memorials and Monuments guidelinesand on the New Memorial Application Form and in the assessment process.

A number of City of Port Phillip memorials are included on the Victorian Heritage Register - a summary is available here.

Search the Heritage Collection database to view more Monuments & Memorials.

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