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The City of Port Phillip recognises the importance of the municipality's cultural heritage.

As the custodian of a public collection, the City of Port Phillip manages the art and heritage collection according to international museum standards and is guided by the Port Phillip City Collection Policy. Staff of Art & Heritage Services are trained specialists who coordinate the development, preservation and promotion of the collection, and provide access to collection holdings.

Through ongoing care and development the Port Phillip City Collection will:

  • increase the understanding and enjoyment of heritage, history and contemporary art, particularly as they relate to the culture of the City of Port Phillip
  • reflect a diversity of views and interpretations of local culture and heritage
  • comprise items which best reflect the cultural development of the City of Port Phillip
  • be recognised for its community relevance and good governance, as an exemplary local government collection
  • attract donations, bequests and other external support because of its professional standing and accessibility
  • maintain a high degree of integrity through the application of management practices for the selection, custody and care of the collection and compliance with contemporary standards of best practice in collection management

Collection management involves:

  • providing access through exhibitions, cataloguing and the online database, image reproduction services and research services
  • caring for collection items, and store them in secure and safe facilities with effective environmental controls
  • minimising risk of collection damage or loss through skilled handling and transport, documenting and digitising copies of the collection and having emergency response procedures


In 2007 the City of Port Phillip began working on a project to digitise the Port Phillip City Collection (PPCC). Over 3000 collection items from both the Heritage and Art collections have been scanned or photographed with the aims of providing better public access to the PPCC and to preserve original collection items. Digitising the PPCC is an ongoing project and forms an important part of current collection management processes.

Why digitise the Collection?


  • Digitisation makes the Collection accessible by providing quality images of items for public use through our online databases.
  • The Collection is available for use in external exhibitions and publications through our Image Reproduction Service. 
  • Easy access to some research materials (e.g. rates books, building registers and voting rolls) available on this website under Research resources.


  • Digitisation provides high quality digital images for study purposes, ensuring the handling and movement of work is significantly reduced.
  • Digitisation is a key part of our long term collection preservation strategy.

Search the Port Phillip City Collection databases.

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